Monday, March 9, 2009

Spa Nights - Beauty without Botox

"Let's do this again!", "I LOVE my blend!", "My skin has never been this soft", "My hands are so smooth", were some of the comments made this past weekend.

This weekend, I hosted two in-home Mini Spa nights.

Saturday, we kicked off the night with an essential oil blending exercise. We reviewed which essential oils were beneficial for Eczema, Psoriasis, Wrinkles, Scars, Anxiety and Stress. We learned which natural substances to use in skin care and which ingredients to avoid. Then each person chose their own carrier to mix and create their own therapeutic, essential oil product. The results were really amazing and everyone was happy with their blend!

Ladies paired up with their spa buddy to give and receive nourishing/exfoliating/purifying facial masks made from just plain yogurt, oat flour, cornmeal, clay - and their choice of an essential oil, maybe for wrinkles, scarred or dry skin.

Feet got exfoliated and soaked with sea salts, olive oil and essential oils.

Ladies were amazed at how soft and new their hands felt after treatments of olive oil and sea salt massaged in to their hands.

When many of the ladies arrived they were hesitant to have their hair pulled back and faces exposed to their friends without a stitch of make-up. But what was most of obvious was that their true beauty stood out when they we weren't made up at all, really.

Learn how you to enhance your true beauty without Botox, relax and have fun, schedule a Spa Night today!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Aromatherapy Level II Update

I just returned from sunny Sarasota where I studied Level II Aromatherapy.

During this first session of five days, we reviewed essential oil chemical families, their molecular structures and also studied the individual essential oil components in detail. It is amazing to see and re-learn their extremely healing properties!

Here is a list of some components found in essential oils and their therapeutic properties.

d-limonene: anti-tumoral, offers liver support, anti-oxidant, reduced need for anti-biotics during treatment of chronic bronchitis.

o Elemi
o Grapefruit
o Orange
o Palo Santo

b-caryophellene: anti-inflammatory and anti-tumoral, may reduce anxiety and cravings for cigarettes, also considered anti-histamine

Balsam Copaiba
o Black Pepper

a, b-Pinene: anti-spasmodic for the respiratory system, supports the immune system, anti-bacterial

o Cypress
o Juniper
o Myrtle

linalol: long-term immune support, highly anti-bacterial, reduces anxiety

o Coriander
o Lavender
o Neroli
o Rosewood

You can create your own Essential Oil blend using the essential oils above-mentioned.

For every ounce of carrier oil*, add 5 drops total of essential oil. Keep this blend out of reach of children and stored away from heat and light.

* Carrier Oils: jojoba, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil